IPR Environment


  • Ability to scope and direct IPR studies towards the relevant business aspects
  • Improves quality of IPR ana­lysis and helps set it into correct context

Condico, with the input from its clients, desc­ribes the IP ope­rating envi­ronment, which sets the basis for any IPR ana­lysis and landscape studies including freedom to operate-studies. IPR eco­system includes desc­ription of the actors in client’s value chain, defi­nition of partners, suppliers, channels, and cus­tomers in client’s ope­rating environment.


  • Creates visi­bility on size and scope of com­pe­titors’ portfolios
  • Pro­vides high level unders­tanding on key patent holders of a chosen technology

Condico’s expe­rience helps our clients to decide when a landscape study would be bene­ficial investment. In some business envi­ron­ments it is vital to identify com­pe­titors, and understand their activity and IPR position. Landscape studies may provide insight on tech­nology deve­lopment and where it is heading.


  • Pro­vides qua­li­tative and quan­ti­tative unders­tanding on potential patent risks
  • Peace of mind for the CEO and the Board

Condico’s prac­tical expe­rience gained over the years in nego­tiating and liti­gating patents glo­bally helps our clients in unders­tanding typical risks they could face. The world is full of patents, but the risk level of a single patent depends on myriad of aspects. Condico crys­ta­lizes patent risks and like­lihood of them in client’s business ecosystem.


  • Prac­tical risk mana­gement process to mitigate pos­sible patent risks
  • Effective decision-making att­ri­bu­table to clearly defined roles and responsibilities

Condico’s expe­rience helps their clients define patent risk mana­gement processes to mitigate the risks and implement the process in practice, in case patent risk review indicates there is a reason to establish such.

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