Business & Financial Planning

  • Condico’s approach brings clarity to mana­gement teams, to boards, and to all sta­ke­holders. It inc­reases chances to secure funding, as the driver-based financials help to ”tell & sell” the equity story.
  • Condico helps its clients improve accuracy of their forecasts, improve resource allocation including capital, and run faster and leaner bud­geting processes.

Financial planning is the cor­nerstone of per­for­mance mana­gement. It enables com­panies to identify and focus on the drivers of value creation, allowing a better allocation of resources and improved com­mu­nication with stakeholders.

Condico is an expert in driver-based planning that accounts for uncer­tainty. Condico creates inte­grated P&L, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts for its clients that help keep control of all important financial metrics, not only revenue or costs. In addition, Condico develops and imple­ments processes for top-down and bottom-up planning, bud­geting and rolling forecasting.

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