Erkki Yli-Juuti

Erkki has over 20 years of expe­rience in IPR and M&A matters, including more than 10 years with Nokia’s IPR orga­nization where he held various mana­gement posi­tions. After his tenure at Nokia IPR, he joined Nokia Wireless Modem where he managed the strategy and port­folio mana­gement function and was heading the project leading to the sale of Nokia Wireless Modem business to Renesas. At Renesas Mobile he headed product roadmap and IPR acti­vities. Prior to Condico IP, he worked at SSH Com­mu­nica­tions Security as VP, Intel­lectual Property.

Erkki received his Master of Engi­neering Science degree in applied physics and Licen­tiate in Tech­nology degree in applied mat­he­matics from the Hel­sinki Uni­versity of Technology.

JP Hyvärinen

Jukka-Pekka (JP) has over 17 years of expe­rience in the field of intel­lectual pro­perty, 13 of which he gained in the United States. Starting from invention ext­raction at Nokia, he worked his way all the way up to a tech­nical director in an intel­lectual pro­perty-focused startup in Silicon Valley. Since 2016 JP has been advising mul­tiple entities from law firms to mul­ti­na­tional cor­po­ra­tions to smaller com­panies on IPR related matters, both in the US and in Finland.

Jukka received his M.Sc. degree in mec­ha­nical-, and control engi­neering, and holds D.Sc. degree in auto­motive systems engi­neering from the Uni­versity of Oulu, Finland.

Thomas Westerlund


Thomas has more than 15 years of expe­rience in Mergers & Acqui­si­tions and Cor­porate Finance having worked for several mul­ti­na­tional tech­nology com­panies. In addition to this, he has some 10 years of expe­rience struc­turing and nego­tiating complex IPR tran­sac­tions for various European and US based com­panies, for example Nokia, RPX Cor­po­ration and Rockstar Consortium.

During the past 5 years, Thomas has advised European small and mid-sized com­panies in a wide range of IPR and Cor­porate Finance related matters.

Thomas holds a Masters degree in Finance and Accounting from the Hel­sinki School of Economics.

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